This ramen has been popular for more than 60 years, and its roots are said to have been inspired by Manchurian cuisine after the war. Today, there are more than 100 beef bone ramen shops in Tottori Prefecture. As a feature, it uses soup made from beef bone broth. The method of making the soup differs depending on the store, but the most distinctive feature is the soup with the umami, sweetness, and aroma that are unique to beef tallow. It is a delicious ramen that was ranked second in the Nippon Television series "Super Surprise", "100 million people choose! Ranking that you want to know tonight, the latest local gourmet best 50". Kamitoku, a long-established restaurant in Tottori Prefecture, is a famous beef bone ramen restaurant in the prefecture. The soup, which has been made using the same recipe for 60 years, has a nostalgic and deep flavor. Please enjoy a cup full of soul!Rich beef bone ramen.

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