Angelo Pietro HNL offers a unique fusion of Traditional Italian and Japanese Flavors. We serve pasta, pizza, salads and offer our own salad dressing. The NEW menu has many newly crafted and inspired dishes along with the classic dishes that our customers have enjoyed as their favorites. We offer delightful drinks and desserts to compliment your dining experience. Our famous Raw Potato Salad is one of our signature dishes. It's thinly shredded raw potato that has a refreshing fresh taste, served with our own dressing. The Eggplant & Spicy Ground Beef Pasta is the most popular dish from the original menu. Many other favorites are still offered, you can still create your favorite pasta & sauces for a tasty masterpiece and build your own pizza by combining your favorite toppings. Angelo Pietro Salad Dressings is available in four different flavors while dining at the restaurant: Shoyu, Sesame/Miso, Ginger & Ume. Only the Ume dressing is not available for purchase. Angelo Pietro HNL has a fresh new look & design that still creates that warm comfortable atmosphere with great friendly professional service at the new location in Kaimuki.

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